One Block’s Questions for Filecoin

Filecoin’s public coin offering will be held on August 8 on Coinlist. Following the release of the token economics details earlier, we have the following question as a potential investor.

  1. How much has been raised in the advisor pre-sale?

  2. Other than to induce maximum levels of FOMO & extract the maximum amount of capital, why have dynamic time-based pricing which (i) incentivizes the fastest clickers (ii) and risks DDOS-ing your platform or the ETH network?

  3. Are you concerned with executing an effectively uncapped token sale – a model which has faced strong criticism in the cryptocurrency community? What benefit does a potential capital raising of >$100M bring to project development, especially when tokens are already retained by the team.

  4. What is your use of proceeds under different scenarios for amounts raised?

  5. What happens if less than <200mm tokens are sold? Do they get burnt?  If not, who owns them?

  6. How do the Chinese pre-ICO collections on Renrenico and Lhang fit in with the timed sale process (they claim to be Filecoin’s partners on the sale) – they have raised >20k ETH combined. Will they just dumped on Coinlist as the sale opens? How are they getting away with the accreditation process?

  7. What is your target or best estimate for network launch (understand it is not a commitment)? This is not found in any of the documents.

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  1. Juan Benet on August 2, 2017 at 3:56 pm

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